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UV light nail polish dryers linked to Cancer Study Reveals

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The human body consists of cancer cells. The cells are inactive and may be triggered by either genes, diet life, alcohol or radiation.

The cells in a body go through a cycle to grow, divide and multiply. Cancer cells go through the same process but faster.

A new study has shown that Ultra Violent light can kill cells and cause mutation that are seen in skin cancer.

The study which was done by the University of Pittsburgh in the US, revealed that UV machines produces radiation four times stronger than those emitted by the sun.

The study analyzed cells into two different conditions of UV exposure; cells with acute exposure had 20 minutes session under the UV light dryers with an hour break, while those with chromic exposure  had a 20 minute session under the UV dryers for 3 consecutive days.

The researcher’s discovered that the 20 minute session under the UV light dryers , resulted in a 20 to 30% cell death, while the three consecutive 20 minute session, resulted to 60 to 70% cell death.

In the remaining cells, the exposure resulted in mutations that are typically seen in skin cancer.

The researchers also noted that  cases of rare cancers developing in fingers are from people who frequently get gel manicures using UV nail polish dryers.

Ludmil Alexandrov, a bio engineering professor, at UC San Diego, said in a statement that; ” we saw multiple things, first we saw DNA gets damaged. We also saw that the DNA damaged does not get repaired over time, and it does lead to mutations after every exposure to the UV light dryers.”

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Is energy that comes from a source and travels through space at the speed light.

Human beings are exposed to radiation which causes different types of cancer such as leukemia, skin cancer.

Even though radiation causes cancer it is also used to kill cancer cells in a body. Radiation Therapy is used to kill cancer cells, this is a cancer treatment that uses high energy x-ray to destroy the cells.

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