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Tough Times for Diesel Buses as BRT locks them out in favour Electric

Post by : Ann Njambuya

workers working on the brt lane on thika superhighway.

Diesel buses in Nairobi are facing hard times ahead after BRT banned them. the Bus Rapid Transport corridor has banned all Diesel and petrol powered buses in favour of electric and hybrid ones. This ban will lock out  majority of the privately owned buses on the Kenyan roads.

The Jubilee administration through NAMATA has been trying to fix the issue of traffic in the capital. Nairobi has been grappling with traffic jams for a better part of the last 3  decades. The Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority(NAMATA) has been tasked with the implementation of the BRT system.

The BRT corridors have been in construction for a better part of the last 2 years. Special corridors have been established along major Highways. This highways include : Thika super Highway, Langata Road and Mombasa Road among others.

workers working on the brt lane on thika superhighway.
Photo// Construction Works in progress at a bus rapid transport station along Thika road. The corridor is expected to reduce the perennial traffic jams that are experienced in Nairobi. 

Currently the Authority has established Special Corridors. Some of this corridors are located in the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. According to the NAMATA Acting Director General Francis Gitau  the BRT system is expected to be launched in June this year.

During a press conference, Transport principal Secretary Charles Hinga indicated that only Buses that work on clean energy will be allowed along the corridor. This move is informed by the fact that Kenya wants to eliminate green house gases completely. As a country we are party to the Paris climate accord and it is important that we keep our promises.he said


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