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Three suspects escape from Kilgoris police station

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Barely two days after the Kamiti Prison break saga, the National Police Service have today come to limelight. This is after three criminal suspects have escaped from the Kilgoris police cells.

Police Post Photo file

Shadrack Leparen aged 29 have been in custody for a murder case suspect, Enock Ndege aged 28 and Patrick Mausa were also among the three criminals behind bars. The three were among the five who were inthe Kilgoris police cells.

The other two suspects who didnot escape denied any knowledge of the cell break. They said they didnt hear any commotion a situation which have raised a million questions regarding the escape.

Following this escape, Corporals Carlmax Okello, Jalus Okoa and Andrew Bett are in police custody. They are accused of abetting the criminals in their escape. The three escapee escaped through a hole they created on the cell walls. After the escape they fled towards Kilgoris town. Police have launched a manhunt of the three while the three police officers await their jury on monday.

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