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Post by : Ann Njambuya

The secretary general for the Jubilee party, Raphael Tuju has dared the jubilee party deputy party leader and deputy president William Ruto to disclose and reveal his tax records from his 1.5 million a day chicken business. The secretary general was reacting to a statement that the business and political leader from Sugoi earns 1.5 million from his chicken  business a day.

The DP who in return was criticising Interior Cabinet Secretary Matiangi whom had appeared before parliament committee to explain the change of security at the deputy president residence’s. Ruto told Matiangi that he had forgotten to tell the public about his 400,000 safaricom shares and the  money he makes from his chicken business.

tuju who has dared ruto to disclose his tax records
Raphael Tuju: Jubilee Party Secretary General

In what is been seen as an increased  attack on the deputy president by the jubilee party. Tuju said that they can rest easy since they now know where the money that is being dished out by the deputy president comes from. the deputy president has been receiving various delegations of community leaders from all over the country and it is believed by the likes of Tuju that the leaders are dished out huge chucks of money as they depart from the official residence of the DP.

The S.G indicated that Ruto being a bible loving christian he should be eager to show and give out his tax records. The SG also noted that give Caeser what belongs to Caeser this was in regards to the payment of taxes by the deputy president’s business.

It is true that leaders should lead from the front and show by example.

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