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Raila Gives Ruto Three Conditions He Must Meet For A Truce

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Azimio Party Leader Raila Odinga has declared his demands to President Ruto for which he must meet for them to have a conversation.

Speaking on Tuesday Raila said the President must first agreee to open the independet Electrol and Boundaries Commision servers.

He went on to say that the president should also stop the ongoing recruitement of the IEBC officers.

The Azimio party leader also said that Ruto must ensure the cost of living comes down because Kenyans are suffering.

Photo// Raila gives President Ruto three demands to meet for a truce. Photo Courtesy

“One, he must agree to open the server. Stop recruitment of IEBC commissioners and three is the issue of the cost of living in the country.”

“Kenyans are suffering seriously. Some of them cannot put food on the table. Children are not going to school. The price of basic commodities Unga, fuel is too high for the people,” Raila said.

He said that as things stand, there are no grounds for them to dialogue.

The leader also insisted that the electoral commission is a referee that cannot be picked by just one side of the political divide and negotiations are needed on how to do it.

He said following the recent developments, they should also look at ways of restructuring the IEBC.

Raila said Ruto’s move to appoint a selection panel means that he is not yet ready to talk.

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