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Pastor Buried After Body Spent Almost 2 Years In Mortuary As Family Awaited His ‘Resurrection’

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A funeral home in South Africa was forced to obtain a court order to bury the body of a 53-year-old pastor that had stayed for close to two years.

The pastor Siva Moodley is said to have died on August 14,2021, but his body remained at the funeral home in Johannesburg as his family believed he would be resurrected.

The late Moddley was laid to rest at Westpark Cemetery in the presence of his siblings and extended family, even thought his wife and kids were not present.

According to Ryan Brown, the claims manager at the said funeral home, Gauteng High Court gave an approval for the burial after the mortuary raised health concerns since the family had gone quiet for over a year.

The funeral home said the family had failed to claim the body for over 579 days after the pastor died despite the funeral home making 28 attempts, including emails, more than 40 WhatsApp messages and attorney’s letters-to contact the pastors wife for instructions.


The court papers revealed that immediately after, Moodley’s death in 2021, one of the church members asked the undertaker  who went to retrieve the body about the duration it could be kept home before it could decompose.


The family was told to take the body to the mortuary but later they did not request for the burial or cremation of their kin.

“They did not want to become involved to make arrangements for the funeral, however, the consequences regarding environmental health and hazard implications were explained to the first, second and third respondents if a burial was not arranged,” Read court documents.

The pastors wife is said to have told the undertaker at the time that she had a vision her husband could be resurrected.

It was revealed that Moodley had his website which indicates that its normal  to see radical healings like blind eyes and deaf ears opening, leg growing, and cancers or tumors disappearing.

His website, also records miraculous happenings in the past years. In 2003, it claims that one Caid Bailey was the first person to be raised from the dead during on of Moodley’s meetings, and also a baby was allegedly raised in 2013 after dying during childbirth.

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