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Netizens Blast DP Gachagua For ‘Misplaced Priorities’

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Earlier today, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua promised to sponsor a ‘bash’ for learners in Komarock Primary School and the teachers.

The DP , promised to give the money during his visit to the school on Tuesday to monitor the progress of both K.C.P.E and K.P.S.E.A examinations.

He said he would contribute sh. 400,000.

SH.300,000 will be for the learners while sh.100,000 will be a reward for the teachers.

Photo// Rigathi Gachagua Blasted by Netizens

“So you will finish your exams tomorrow and head home? Si, I can plan bash a day after that? is that okay? since I have come , I will also give the head teacher 300K so that after the exam you can come and celebrate as you bid each other goodbye. We will not leave the teachers behind. I will give them 100K for the teachers so that they can also celebrate.”

However , netizens took that as a misplaced priority , with some claiming he would have used the money to Kenyans who have been affected by drought.

This is after a pay bill number was launched where Kenyans can contribute funds towards Kenyans affected by the drought.

Gachagua announced the move saying it will enable Kenyans to help other Kenyans.

Even though… some Kenyans are okay with the pay bill number been launched , some find it suspicious , while others question the government as to why they themselves are not contributing helping the Kenyans affected by drought.

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