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Nakuru: Woman Vomits Dead Rat

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Villagers in Ndaragu village are in fear after a sick woman in her mid-ages vomited a dead rat.

In the incident, the mother of four, who has been sick for over a week, said she started feeling queasy at midnight and started vomiting.

She said at 3am, she started feeling something like an object stuck in her throat and forced it out of her throat, upon lighting her torch, she found a dead rat in the basin.

Addressing the media, locals led by her father and the village elder said someone had publicly differed with the woman and is suspected to be behind the bizarre incident.

Following the incident, the woman went back to bed, she was still asleep as locals crowded the the village in the morning after her father broke the news to neighbors.

Elders are expected to conduct a ritual in the wake of the incident.

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