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Naivasha; Woman Who Strangled Her 4 Children To Death Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Naivasha a woman who strangled her four children two years ago has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the High Court.

Beatrice Mwende, who strangled the minors and slept next to their lifeless bodies was convicted after pleading guilty to the charge.

Th e woman, who was a mathematic teacher had been charged on the night of June 26 and 27, 2020, she murdered the minors through strangulation in Kabati estate, Naivasha.

The minors were identifies as Melody Warigia(8), Willy Machira(6), Samantha Njeri(4) and Whiney Nyambura(2).

During Last Years case, Mwende told the court that after a long consultation with her lawyer she had entered a plea of guilty for the four charges.

Photo// Beatrice Mwende Sentenced to Life Imprisonment For strangling her children. Photo Courtesy

The High Court Charge Grace Nzioka noted that there was no evidence to prove that the accused was mentally unstable when she committed the crime.


She also noted that based on the medical evidence presented in court, Beatrice was of sound mind when she killed the four minors.

The judge also dismissed the accused statement that she was possessed with some spirits when she committed the incident.

“The excuse by the accused  that she was possessed by some evil spirits when she committed the act cannot be authenticated in court and she is sentenced to life imprisonment,’ said the judge.

The accused , Beatrice , who was all smiles during the court session was given 14 days  to appeal the judgment.

Prosecutor Nelly Maingi narrated to the court how the accused started by killing  the youngest girl by strangling her before  repeating the same to the other three.

Beatrice would sleep in the same house until the following morning where she left and informed her family that she had committed the crime  and wanted forgiveness.

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