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Nairobi: 70 Protesters Arrested During Saba Saba Demos Released

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Protesters who were arrested during Friday’s Saba Saba demos have been released.

Their release comes after the prosecutor, told the court on Monday that he has received instructions for the persons not to be charged.

Friday’s protests across the country were organized by the opposing party to object against the high cost of living.

However , in Nairobi, Kamukunji Grounds, where the rally, planned by the opposition leader Raila Odinga took place, protestors engaged in running battles with police, dozens were arrested and taken at the Central Police Station.

On Saturday, police based at the Central Police Station, lobbed teargas at a group of human rights activists, former chief Justice Willy Mutunga being among them.

The opposition leader, started an initiative aimed at removing the the President and his government out of office.

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