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Post by : Robert Kamau

Muthoni Drama queen poses for a photo

This rapper, singer, and drummer fuses her upbeat dancehall with feminist manifestos. A popular figure on the Kenyan music scene, she also has an international following and is currently on tour in Europe in support of her latest album #SHE. And with her ever-changing, day-glo hair, indeed she’s hard to miss.

Her spot: “The Nairobi Railway Museum. It’s smack in the middle of downtown. All the old trains no longer in use transport me back to an imaginary time. Its also super cool that a lot of these carriages are now occupied by visual artists with great studios and galleries.”

Muthoni Drama queen poses for a photo

Go explore: “My favorite part of the city to go exploring is Karen. There are lots of boutiques, restaurants, galleries and artisanal spaces.”

Lunch pick: “TamuTamu, which means delicious. It’s a Swahili food spot. I almost always order biriani or fish in coconut sauce.”

On Live: “The Alliance Francaise. I’ve watched a lot of great theatre, poetry, contemporary dance and live music there.”

Fashion fix: “My favorite is Bongosawa for everyday streetwear. Their minimalist, unisex designs and excellent graphics makes it super cool. Sandstorm and Nyakan both make excellent travel bags. Own Your Culture are amazing at accessories.”

Key Kenyan trait: “I often say ‘Me, I’ That’s a truly Kenyan way to start a sentence.”

Local style: “Living in Kenya and being of modest means has made a lot of us rely on secondhand clothes because we don’t have a textiles industry so we don’t make our own clothes at mass scale. To look good, I had to develop my own aesthetic through curated thrifting. I recommend the Toi Market. When these thrifted items are mixed in with locally produced products, it makes for really quirky, individual style.”

Must-try: “My Nairobi guilty pleasure is the street food. Nothing beats a boiled egg with some spicy salsa after a night out.”

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