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MP Nelson Koech Claims That “Azimio Wants To Remove MP Sabina Chege Because She Is Female”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Belgut MP Nelson Koech has stated that the ongoing debate to remove nominated MP Sabina Chege from her Deputy Minority Whip position is being done because she is a female.

According to him, the Azimio party is pointing its guns on Chege because she is viewed as inferior and not because of her association with the ruling government as claimed by the party.

The MP claims that Azimio “do not believe in inclusion or gender equality” arguing that Chege will be replaced by a male member, he revealed this while on Citizens Daybreak show.

“Anyone who goes to see the president or see any other person is deemed to be their enemy and that is why they are de-whipped,” he said.

“Sabina is suffering this fate not because of any reason whatsoever. Number one because she is female and they feel she is inferior.”

“That is how thy think so want to bring in someone else and watch this space, they will replace a female with a male.”

He condemned the party for criminalizing  its members because they associate with different factions who do not resonate with their views.

Azimio wants Chege to be removed from the position, claiming that since she met the President, she will no longer be effective in representing the minority.

The matter was presented before the National Assembly for debate on April 13, where speaker Moses Wetanugula promised to make  a ruling on the matter.

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