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Post by : Ann Njambuya

rIYADH CITY CAPITAL CITY OF saudi arabia where kenyan domestic workers like faith murunga are being mistreated by their employers.

It shocking and unbelievable that in this day and age that human beings would treat each other with so much cruelty, this to many might seem unlikely but this is the case for many Kenyan domestic workers working in the gulf country of Saudi Arabia.

In a revelation by two victims,who undergone horrific treatment at the hands of their Saudi employers, it is evident that there are Kenyans who are suffering dearly  when trying to earn an extra coin to support their families.

Horrible treatment and experience

Faith Murunga and Lorna Cherop are the victims who appeared on a local television station Citizen TV with Jeff Koinange and told the national of the horrific deeds and treatment that they underwent at the hands of saudi arabia employers. the two ladies had gone to saudi on different times but with the same purpose of finding greener pastures and for the betterment of their lives but to their shock and awe they found people who treated them like slaves.

rIYADH CITY CAPITAL CITY OF saudi arabia where kenyan domestic workers like faith murunga are being mistreated by their employers.
Photo: Riyadh city

In what can only be described as a emotional interview faith told of her journey to the middle east country, she started by attending training in syokimau, Machakos county. She jetted out of the country after training and after arrival in the gulf country her passport was confiscated and from there things started going south.

” The next morning thing became bad, nlianza kuambiwa nieke dawa kwa my private parts( i was told to put medicine in private parts)” she said. it was hell for her as she was surviving on one meal per day which was strong tea.

Arrogant Embassy Staff

But in what is a bigger shocker is that the Kenya embassy staff in Riyadh know about the hardship and the inhumane treatment that their fellow countrymen/women are going through, and instead of offering a helping hard they are even insulting the suffering ladies.

” Akaniambia you are a girl enda ufanye ile kitu wenzako wanaeza fanya ndio ufanye kazi… lala na boss yako ndio ufanye kazi (He told me I am a girl and as such, I should follow what the rest of the girls do..sleeping with my boss to keep my job). a staff member told her.

Good Deeds

The ladies commended the work of one  Mike Mithamo  Muriuki who they said paid for her ticket back home. It is a good deed when countrymen come to the aid of each other kudos Mike Mithamo Muriuki.

It is up to the government to take care and see that its citizens who are working abroad are not suffering, a task that was placed to the Cabinet Secretary for labour Simon Chelugui who also appeared on the interview via video link.



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