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Medical student kidnaps himself and asks for ransom

Post by : Sue Njihia

Edwin Kamau a 23 year old medical student at Makindu Medical Training College has been arrested and is being detained at Kayole police station.  Kamau kidnapped himself and asked for a ransom of Ksh 70,000 from his parents.

Medical student cons his parents in fake kidnapping, gets robbed by ‘mchele babe’ in Thika

Kamau vanished on Sunday and few days later, He blocked his fathers number and called the mother claiming he was abducted and that the kidnappers wanted a ransom of ksh 70,000 in order for him to be released.

His parents reported the matter to  the police who begun the investigations on the ‘abduction’ of Edwin. kamau’s consistent calls to his parents , claiming that the kidnappers were on the brink of ending his life , pushing them to sending ksh 10,000 to save his life.

According to DCI  Kamau used the money sent to him to amuse himself and a lady he had met at the club. The lady later spiked his drink and robbed him.After regaining consciousness he demanded for ksh40,000 from his parents ,which they decisively sent to him.

The police were able to trace the calls and  arrested him.Edwin had a total of ksh,36 000  tucked in his shoes.He wanted to use the money to pay off his school fees that he had spend recklessly.

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