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Main Suspect In The Murder Of 12 Year Old Boy Dies

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Main Suspect, in the murder of a 12-year old at Kapsoya, Eldoret town was pronounced dead on Sunday morning.

Eric Kiptoo Kipsang, died at the hospital where he was receiving treatment complaining of chest pains, confirmed Ainabkoi OCPD Alois Muthoka.

The OCPD said the suspect was arrested while attempting to commit suicide at a nearby dam, and appeared  to be under the influence of drugs.

“The suspect was received by the police with deep cuts on both hands. Blood stained clothes were recovered in the house which was the murder scene. A pillow full of blood was found and a basin also had some blood. The family claims that the man had some mental problems,” said Muthoka.

The mother of the 12 year old boy said that she received news on the death of a boy when she went to the morgue , she found it was her son.

The mother is now seeking justice.

On March 23, police received reports that a vehicle had dumped the body of the boy at Chepkoilel road.

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