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Leaduma ; Wajackoya should withdraw the hyena business manifesto

Post by : Sue Njihia


The roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoya will be in hot soup if he does not withdraw the hyena and snake business from his manifesto. Holistic wildlife Management project manager Anthony Leaduma says that animals such as Hyenas and snakes are now at risk in places such as Samburu. Poachers are killing hyena and hunting down snakes because of the stated value of hyena business in Wajackoyas manifesto.

Mr.Leaduma has pledged to go to court if the roots party presidential candidate does not withdraw the hyena and snake business from his manifesto.

During the speech of his manifesto Wajackoya stated that hyena testicles are medicine to the Chinese. They can fetch more money compared to marijuana, as one can  costs up to 6 million Kenya shillings

Anthony also added that hyena plays an important role in environment conservation. They feed on animal carcasses that that have been left behind for no one to collect them. Poachers are also seeking their lives hunting snakes in order to harvest venom from them.

’’As a community living in Samburu county, we will fully support Leaduma to move to court to protect wildlife. Our country earns alloy of money from tourism because wild animals like hyenas,” Pastor david Lenakuapusi said.

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