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KPLC Staff Audit looks into Mpesa and Bank accounts

Post by : Ann Njambuya

The audit of KPLC staff has caused jitters among many employees as they are worried that they will fail.

The audit is as a result of a presidential directive that appointed a task force to help uplift the company. KPLC has been accruing huge losses over the years which have been attributed to very many factors.

Some of this factors include:

  1. Mismanagement of the utility firm.
  2. Misuse of the company’s finances.
  3. Graft and corruption.
  4. lack of accountability.


With KPLC charging high fees on their services, public outcry was witnessed and protest were planned and executed. This course gave rise to a new crop activists like Jerotich seli who was very vocal about the issue of electricity.

KPLC staff working on an electricity line. KPLC has ordered an audit to all its staff after the board was disbanded and a task force appointed to solve the problem of loss making at the company.

After a number of protests and court petitions the pressure was finally felt with the president  issuing a directive about the company.

The board of KPLC was disbanded and a task force appointed to investigate the problem and come up with a solution to the high cost of electricity.

The first order of business for the  task force was to carry out audits of all senior managers. Some of the managers were fired from their positions  with others being sent of unpaid leaves.


The audit however didn’t stop at the top. In a memo sent out to all staff , the members of staff were  notified to provide information on social media accounts,club membership and  liabilities.

The staff were also directed to provide the auditors with a list of all their liabilities inclusive of school fees, mortgages, insurance policies , guarantees e.t.c.

The staff are also expected to provide information and details on companies they own or co-own. provide financial records of their spouses.

This audit has been well supported by the general public with the people of Kenya indicating that they want to enjoy quality but affordable electricity in the future.


In a report that was submitted by the chair of the task force,John Ngumi the report recommend that the whole procurement department of the KPLC be overhauled and a through forensic audit be conducted on the whole organisation.

In what can be seen as a turn of events the company has posted a profit margin in the year 2021. whether this change can be attributed solely to the changes at the company, we are not sure but what we are sure about is that Kenyans can see the effect of the task force.


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