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Kenyans Duped losing millions to a Fake Jumia Facebook Account

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In the tough times of the economy, people are coming up with diffrent ways to get money.

Three men, Dickson Magembe, Derrick Kodek, Dionicious Omonyi are the masterminds behind a huge fraud which caused kenyans to lose millions of money.

According to a report by the DCI, the trio were found to have operated a fake Facebook account purporting to be the popular Jumia Shopping Centre.

The fake account, was discoverd after numerous complaints were made to the DCI leading to investigations of the matter and it was revealed that, the trio had discovered a clever way of attracting online shoppers to their fake page by offering huge price discounts over the festive period.

The Fake Facebook page ‘jumia shopping‘ had a promotion over the Christmas and New year Season offering discounts of up to 40% for various household goods, attracting unsuspecting shoppers in large numbers.

Photo// Trio arrested for running a fake jumia account. Photo Courtesy.

Not only was a fake page created, the trio managed to have an M-Pesa till number where customers would make payments and then receive an invoive through WhatsApp promising a free delivery within 24 hours.

One of the victims who fell for the scheme revealed that the phone numbers attached to the fake pages would go off after payment was completed.

“This happened to a victim in Mukothima, Tharaka North Sub County, who made a payment of sh.95,000 for a 7 seater recliner seat and a coffee table,” said DCI.

“This is after an offer was made on the fake Facebook page announcing  a 40% discount on recliner seats and the household items. tens of other kenyans who found the deals too good fell for the trap and hurriedly making orders before getting a huge dissapointment later on.”

The Arrest.

The first suspect, a third year student at Kisii University, was arrested in Kisii on sunday. He was found with 22 simcards which are believed to be used to con kenyans. He later led detectives to the other accomplices in Ruiru, Kiambu Coounty.

Even though the trio was arrested, the leader of the group Swarzzeneger Otete an Information Technology master is on the run.

Netizens reacted to the matter others were impressed with how the group managed to do that, while others are  happy that they were arrested.

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