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Kenyan Fencing Queen

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Kenya, where many running athletics emerge from might be having a new game a s a Kenyan crowned the new fencing queen. 

Kenya, where many running athletics emerge from might be having a new medal for a new sport, fencing.

For the first time ever Kenya might receive a medal for a different sport in the Olympics. The change might be seen at the 2024 Paris Olympic games.

One woman might change the history and is determined to do so, Alexandra Ndolo is the woman who will make an historic change , she will be participating in fencing where she will be presenting Kenya. Even though fencing is not a familiar sport in Kenya.

Her journey to the 2024, Olympics started last weekend were she represented Kenya for the first time at the Inter national Fencing Federation(FIE) world cup in Tallinn, Estonia.

Alexandra the silver medallist of the 2022, World Fencing Championship, finished 10th out of 271 women in the Saturday Competition .”I made history as the first Kenyan woman to ever compete at the FIE … I am not going to lie seeing the flag raised high in the hall was definitely an emotional moment,” said Ndolo.

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The 36-yrar-old ditched Germany in September this year to start competing for Kenya.

Besides the Paris 2024 Olympics, Ndolo hopes to represent Kenya at the Africa fencing championships, 2023 world fencing championships in Milan.

New Season

The FIE season starts from September to July where Alexandra targets to accumulate a good ranking to earn a place at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

She also said that she already turned her focus on the next FIE world cup even on December 8 to 12 in Vancouver ,Canada.

Alexandra Ndolo switched her allegiance to Kenya after earning Germany a silver medal in women’s epee during the world fencing championship held this year in Cairo, Egypt.

At the age of 21, Alexandra embraced fencing. She was born to a polish mother and kenyan father. She currently resides on cologne.

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