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Kalonzo;The Man with No right moves,The lone ranger

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has had a long a prosperous political career. he has served as an assistant minister, a minister and even a Vice president. Although Kalonzo has had a political career spanning over 30 years it seems his political retirement is almost near.

The wiper party boss has tired the jab at the presidency over 3 times but his name has appeared on the ballot only once. All the other times Kalonzo had stepped down for Raila Odinga. However in a move that might have shocked the country Musyoka joined up with Mudavadi,Wetangula and Gideon Moi to form the One Kenya alliance.

An alliance that has been left in shambles after Mudavadi and Wetangula ditched it for Ruto’s UDA. As rumours would have it Kalonzo was considering coercing Mudavadi to step down in favour of him. However things didn’t turn out as expected as Mudavadi ditched him.

Right now the wiper party leader is in a dilemma since the only way he would have clinched or had a strong attempt was with a ticket in partnership with ANC. According to sources that spoke to anonymously indicated that their boss has drawn a blank card.

No Move

He knows that he cannot have a successful attempt at the presidency and he has no strong partner who can make him politically viable. the source was quoted. What ever move he makes he has no right move. If he moves to Azimio he will seem more and more weak hence lose votes. Also if he goes on it alone he might emerge third but with very few votes. In case  he joins UDA he will be seen as a petty person after having walked out of the ANC National Delegates Conference that was held on 23rd January 2022. The source indicated.

Wiper PARTY LEADER kALONZO MUSYOKA HAS BEEN BETRAYED by his political friends. he has ordered Ngilu to be silent on political matters.

The party boss has been facing political onslaught from charity Ngilu who is even considering of dethroning him as the region’s Kingpin.

Shut your Mouth;Wiper leader Kalonzo orders Ngilu

Right now Kalonzo is left with no move and he is a complete Lone Ranger. It is a shame to see such a political career end in such a shame. the source said.




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