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JKIA Flight Incident ‘It Was A Drill’ Announces KAA

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Kenya Airport Authority has announced that the ‘flight incident’ at JKIA  was a full scale emergency drill.

In a statement, KAA announced that the aircraft overflying Nairobi encountered “an incident at JKIA” in the morning.

However in a statement, KAA said it was conducting a safety drill which involved a simulation of an aircraft crashing at the airport.

“KAA would like to announce the successful completion of a full-scale emergency drill conducted at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport this morning. The exercise, which involved a simulated incident of an aircraft that crashed at the airport while overflying Nairobi, was organized by KAA as part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing airport emergency response capabilities and ensuring the highest level of preparedness in case of any unforeseen events,” the statement read in part.

KAA announced that the primary objective of the exercise was to test and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the airport’s emergency response procedures, coordination among various agencies , and the overall readiness of the airport’s staff.

Managing Director of Kenya Airports Authority, Mr. Alex Gitari expressed his satisfaction with the successful completion of the emergency drill.

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