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In whose hands are our daughters safe!!!

Post by : Ann Njambuya

President Uhuru Kenyatta, He is expected to hit the campaign trail in favour of Azimio.

December 1st is the day that the world observes the world AIDs Day. The day marks the progress the entire globes have made in terms of prevention, control and elimination of the most deadliest disease. It is exactly 37 years since HIV & AIDS struck the world. Different countries commemorate this day by the state officials outlining the progress the individual state have achieved and the precautions measures taken.

Uhuru Kenyatta during this year world AIDS Day.

In Kenya President Kenyata led the country in observing worlds AIDs day in Nakuru. His speech President Uhuru lamented over the abuse and the rate at which young girls are being infected.

Married and unmarried men

Uhuru said married or unmarried elderly men “should be ashamed of themselves” for luring young girls into intimate relationships. President Uhuru said that our daughters needs to be protectect for they are not mature enough to make sound mature decisions and they are easily manipulated by the sponsors who entice them by promising goodies that their parents cannot afford. He requested the society to let children lead normal lives and let nature take its course on their lives.

He challenged women to play a pivotal role in fighting the ongoing cross generation relationships by shouting and disclosing those men who salivate on our upcoming generations especially daughters of the mountain who are hit hard.

“If your husband has a penchant for young girls, one day trick him into accompanying you to the market. When at the trading centre, announce to the whole world that he has a liking for young girls. The resultant embarrassment will stop him from continuing with the bad habit,” he said



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