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Post by : Ann Njambuya

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru whom is uncertain whether she will defend her seat as elections knock. she was speaking at spice fm.

The outspoken senior politician from Kirinyaga county , Governor Anne Waiguru has declared that she might not defend her seat using a jubilee party ticket saying that the people are not comfortable with the party.

While speaking during an interview on Wednesday morning the first time governor indicated that the electorate are not comfortable with jubilee party. If elections were held today i would not defend my seat on a jubilee party ticket and if i did i am sure i would not win, the governor was heard saying.


The Governor reiterated that although the jubilee party is still popular in Kirinyaga and the larger mount Kenya region. The votes are not happy with how the party has been run for the last five years. People might not vote for her if she went with jubilee party. The reasons she gave is that the electorate might not judge her but the performance of the party.

The jubilee party of which Waiguru is a major part of has been having internal wrangles since 2018 with the party management demoting members allied to the deputy president. The party National Management Committee is also looking to impeach and  remove William Ruto from its members list. A move that is seen by political analysts and senior politicians as the last nail to its coffin.

Anne waiguru governor kirinyaga county who is not going to defend her seat on a jubilee party ticket. she believes she might not win because of how the jubilee party has been run for the last five years and voters are not comfortable with the party..

Leaders allied to the deputy president have been popularising the United Democratic Party as the party of choice for the region . It seems that leaders who were fighting the Deputy President are starting to fear for their political future, if Waiguru’s statement is something to go by.

The Revamp

The  Kirinyaga governor indicated that the jubilee party needs to revamp and  do a lot in order to have the voters from the mount Kenya region feel welcome and comfortable in the party.

It seems as if the death of jubilee is eminent if Waiguru’s statement is taken into account. With the elections nearing all leaders are scrambling to be part and parcel of the next government but who shall lead it?

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