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“Good News” Gov’t To Increase Funding For School Feeding Programme

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

President Ruto has revealed that the government will work hand in hand  with other countries and other stakeholders to intensify the school feeding programmes in a bid  increase enrollment.

During the Nairobi City County’s Dishi Na County School Feeding Programme , the president noted that school feeding is a safety net for unsafe house holds.

The president revealed that his administration would increase the number of children benefiting from the programme from the current 1.6M to 4M so as to boost the performance of learners.

“It is a smart investment that makes a huge different to the lives of our children,” President Ruto said.

“We must eliminate the challenge of hungry children in schools. We will be deliberate and focused in ensuring the successful implementation of the countrywide school feeding programme.”

President Ruto also said that enrollment rates are on average 28% higher in schools with feeding programmes than those without.

He noted that in arid and semi-arid regions, the feeding programme has improved school attendance.

More than 1.6million children across the country , in over 4,000schools are currently receiving meals in programme supported by the government.

The programme will see meals prepared at 10 central kitchens in different parts of Nairobi county.

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