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Post by : Ann Njambuya

Bernard Njiriani MD KEBS which is hiring more expert and ensuring that kenyan exports will not be retested in the regional markets.

In what is seen a move to improve business and  goods standards in the post covid business recovery, goods exported to regional markets will not be tested again KEBS.

The government has approved more finance to KEBS for the hiring of more experts in what is as a move to share and train their East Africa peers on standard checking and verification. this move will ensure that goods that exported from Kenya to the regional market will not be retested for standard a move that will earn more money for Kenyan traders.

During a routine visit by the PS for industrialisation Peter Kaberia to the KEBS facility the PS urged KEBS to fasten the process of hiring more experts so that Kenyan exporters can start enjoying the new services fast.

the PS challenge the agency to support the micro,small and medium enterprises saying that they form the backbone of the country’s economy. he  also talked about the government agenda of “one village one Product” model, where the government is aiming at taking the factories to the village not where people move from the village to the factories.

Bernard Njiriani MD KEBS  which is hiring more expert and ensuring that kenyan exports will not be retested in the regional markets.
PHOTO: Bernard Njiriaini Managing Director KEBS

KEBS managing director Bernard Njiriaini indicated that there has been an increase in SME that want their goods to be certified, this is in effect to the covid 19 pandemic which has seen exports from local firms increases after importing became a bit difficult.

The hiring of more experts at the agency will help the agency in being part of the government big 4 agenda and help the country achieve the vision 2030 goal.

KEBS has been having plans of inspecting petroleum products but this  plans have been met with stiff resistance from the industry players according to a statement issued by the national council on standards chairman Benard Ngore.

The agency however appealed to the PS  to initiate talks with ministry of energy and petroleum and the national treasury so that they can get involved legally in the pricing formula of the EPRA.

During the visit the agency’s MD Bernard Njiriaini indicate that at least 90 of the agency’s policy’s are in line with government’s big 4 agenda and vision 2030.

With less time spent on double testing traders are going to see more profits hence more more in their pockets. this move will help build the economy.



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