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Gone too soon ; Mukumu Girls High school students die mysteriously

Post by : Sue Njihia

mysterious deaths of Mukumu Girls Highschool students.

Two students from Mukumu Girls High school ,that is located in kakamega East-sub county died inexplicably. Sources near the school speculate that they probably succumbed to malaria.


mysterious deaths of Mukumu Girls Highschool students.

Parents are blaming the school management for their negligence ,as one of the parents of the girls was informed of the child illness 9 days after the situation had gotten out of hand. Nicole who was a form 2 student at the school will be buried on July 7th in  Kitale.


The school still remains reluctant as over 20 students complained of diarrhoea and mild symptoms of malaria early last month.Some were rushed to hospital as a result of severe symptoms such as fever, vomiting and body pains.


Reports concerning the case of the death and findings of investigations on the cause of  demise of the two girls ,is to be submitted to the Ministry of Education by the Kakamega Director of Education.

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