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From KRA to KRS will the new name appease Kenyans?

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Treasury CS ukur yatani in his offices during the budget making process

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is seeking to change its name to the Kenya Revenue Service (KRS). This change was announced by the Treasury cabinet secretary Ukur Yatani during his budget speech.

According to the CS the name change will help increase tax compliance.  KRA has been grappling with un-complainant taxpayers who won’t declare. This has been attributed to the fact some Kenyans might feel that paying taxes is a punishment instead of an obligation. With the name change to KRS the hope this will change.

This name change was first flouted by the KRA through their twitter account asking Kenyans for their views about the name change. The revenue authority seeks to increase and redeem its public image in order to increase compliance.

The authority have over the past few years collected more and more taxes. this has been attributed to the fact that the revenue authority has been undergoing Serious reforms. They have interacted better with the public and the taxpayers.

Treasury CS ukur yatani in his offices during the budget making process. The CS has proposed a name change from KRA TO KRS.
Treasury Cabinet Secretary  Ukur Yatani in his offices.The CS has

They also celebrate the taxpayers month and customer care week. this activities are the benchmarks of which they seek to change their name.


Whether they will be able to achieve this is yet unknown but for sure they have a long way to go.

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