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Post by : Robert Kamau

Chief justice, Head of the judiciary


Over the past years since  Kenya’s independence, the judiciary has been a male dominated  sector.

However  the rising  ranks of female  leadership has been  slowly outshining the male leadership in this prestigious institution in Kenya.

It is not a secret that the judiciary is now being led by  women. take a look at this list; the chief justice Martha Koome  her deputy  Philomena Mwilu, Olive Mugenda-vice chair judicial service commission (JSC), Wanjiru Karanja-acting President Court of Appeal, Lydia Achode -Principal Judge High Court, Maureen Onyango-Principal Judge Employment & Labour Relations Court ( ELRC), Anne Amandi -Judiciary Chief Registrar, Judy Omange-Registrar High Court, Esther Nyaiyaki-Registrar Supreme Court, Frida Mokaya – Registrar JSC.

With Martha Koome rising to the helm of the Judiciary, Kenyan’s are eager to see how the judiciary will operate.

A lot of challenges are  waiting for the new chief justice as she takes the oath of office.

during vetting, members of parliament put the chief justice to task over the independence of the judiciary.

it is now a wait and see situation on how the judiciary will run and operate. with a full operated female judiciary we expect changes.

in her own words the chief justice has declared war on corruption and rogue judges. they have it coming.



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