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Famous Kisumu City ‘Yurop’ lodgings, hotels infested with bed bugs and rats

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Bedbugs and rats can be a headache when they attack your house as their is no end to them.

The famous Kisumu city ‘Yurop’ have guests in their hotels and lodgings. Rats and Bedbugs have infested their hotels.

Travelers who stay at the lodgings raised complaints as they had long nights battling the bedbugs that infested the rooms

The situation, caught the attention of Kisumu county, which is now threatening to close all guest houses, hotels and lodgings should they fail to clean up the places.

Other affected areas are boarding schools and homes.

Photo// Mice Infestation In Kisumu.

The bugs have also infested the public service vehicles operating as town services and long distance matatus.

According to a notice dated January 27,2023, Issued by Kisumu County Department of Health, the owners of the premises have until Friday this week to put their houses in order or risk legal action against them or closure.

Kisumu City Manager

The city department of Public health conducted a rapid assessment and found that their is increase of mosquitos, bed bugs and high infestation of rats and other insect vectors in most of the hotels, guest houses, lodging rooms and dwelling areas within the city of Kisumu,” said Mr. Abala Wanga, the Kisumu City Manager.

The manager pointed out that the premises were breaking the Public Health Act Cap242 and regulations by operating under unsanitary conditions.

Photo// Bedbug Infestation. Photo Courtesy

He also revealed to the Nation  that the mosquitos had infested one of the biggest and popular three star hotels within Kisumu CBD  while the bed bugs  have infested guest houses around Garissa Lodge, Downtown Kamas and Kondele area.

The county government revealed that it was not happy with existences of the nuisance in the said premises.

Warning Given

Mr. Wanga gave the owners of the premises 14 days to destroy the said nuisance and stop further recurrence, which will elapse on February 9th.

“Failure to comply with the requirements of this notice may lead to legal action instituted against you without any further communications,” Said Mr. Wanga

The owners of the buildings are required to carry out fumigation of their properties with appropriate and approved public health insecticide.

They are also expected to carry out de-ratting of rodents in their premises with appropriate and approved public health poisons.

Lodgings are required to eradicate bedbugs by improving strictness of their control.

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