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‘Easy Way Out’ Man poisons his children and commits suicide

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Parenting is both a tough and fun experience for both mother and father. So why is it a parent decides to take an easy route by committing suicide and poisoning his children?

In Homa Bay County, four children are fighting for their lives after their father tried to kill them by giving them poison before stabbing them in the abdomens.

The suspect, who died by suicide is said to have been angered by his wife.

The wife wanted to report him to the children’s services office for failing to provide for his family.

When he got information , he was to appear before the children’s officer, he decided to take an easy way out , he hatched a plan to eliminate both the children and himself while the wife was away.

The children were aged 3and 9 years, they were seriously injured by their father Ronnie Ochieng’ Nyore on Tuesday evening.

According to the Area Chief Kennedy Odero, who arrived at the scene, Ronnie stabbed the children in the stomach using a kitchen knife after he allegedly poisoned them using a pesticide called Triatix which is used in controlling ticks in livestock.

The chief beliefs that Ronnie locked himself at his rental house in Nyagoro center together with his four children where he poisoned and stabbed them before committing suicide by consuming the pesticide.

Photo// Children Who were poisoned by the father in critical condition. Photo Courtesy.

The family lives at Nyagoro trading Centre in Easy Kochia location in Rangwe.

Due to frequent squabbles between the couples, the wife said they were frequent due to the husbands frustrations.

Some of the issues they argued about was lack of food .

The wife also said that she had received death threats from the husband and was advised to stay away from him till his temper subsided.

Additionally, the chief said the woman was given a letter summoning her husband to appear before a mediator.

On her way back home, she went to Omoya Chief’s camp to drop the letter before she went home.

Upon arriving home, the wife was surprised to find her door locked from the inside.

Mr Odero said, the woman reported, that  she forcefully got into the house where she found her children lying on the floor with stab wounds and her husband lying on the ground already dead.

Boda-boda riders and residents who responded to the wife’s distress call, rushed the children to Janeiro Private Hospital where they were later transferred to the Homa Bay County Referral Hospital in critical condition.

Odero says investigations are ongoing to establish the root cause of the incident.

Meanwhile ,the deceased’s body has been moved to the county referral Mortuary for Postmortem.

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