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Drama As suspected ‘Pishori Babe’ dragged to police station

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Drama unfolds in Kitenga, Kajiado County that left many questioning what had happened, after a shirtless man force fully escorted a woman whom he accused of spiking his drink and stealing his phone to a police station.

In a video trending on the online platforms, the man who is shirtless and appears slightly intoxicated can be seen aboard the motorcycles with the woman sandwiched between him and the boda-boda rider.

The man demands the motorcycle rider to move towards the police station , while holding the woman in a tight grip , saying that the woman deliberately added an unknown substance to his drink before allegedly stealing from him.

Huyu ni ‘mchele’ huyu twende polisi ,” the man can be heard saying so.

Photo// Kitengela man drags woman to a police station. Photo Courtesy

Mchele” is a nickname to a drug which looks like grains. It is used to intoxicate people make them delirious , unaware of their surroundings which then gives the ‘ Pishori babes’ an easy way to rob the clients of all their belongings.

On the other hand, the woman tried to go free by looking for assistance from the onlookers who just avoid her pleas despite repeatedly accusing the man for roughing her up.

Ona vile ananishika ,” says the woman as she is been held tight to prevent her escape.

Before the motorcycle sped off, the woman can be heard saying that the man was having a few drinks at her pub, but he refused to pay for the alcoholic beverages.

Police Station
Photo// Spiking a drink using ‘mchele’ Photo Courtesy

Arriving to the police station, the police officers present were shocked to see a woman been dragged forcefully into the police station’

Ingia hapa police station na mchele yako, siwezi kukuachilia” the man shouted as the police officers approached them to handle the matter.

The police commander David Ole Shani, intervened and the man let the woman go . She took cover behind the police reporting desk.

The victim who is identified as Emmanuel Wamalwa told the officers that the woman , who works as a barmaid , had purportedly stolen from his uncle 2weeks ago before going into hiding.

Wamalwa claims to have spotted her at a different pub prior to ferrying her to the police station.

“I have been looking for the woman and this morning , I found her in a new pub. I went there as a customer and she tried to spike my drinks before she became hostile and claimed I was reluctant to pay the bill.”

The woman denied such claims and said the man had refused to settle sh.1750bill.

Police opened investigation into the matter to know the truth.

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