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David Mwaure promises to lower PAYE tax by half

Post by : Sue Njihia

If elected president The Agano Party leader has promised to to lower Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax by half, during a roadside  campaign in Muranga.

He stated that Kenyans are over taxed and yet a large sum of money is robbed.Reducing of PAYE will increase income thus resulting to high purchasing power by Kenyans

“This country is very rich, what has lacked is good shepherds who can protect the resources and provide better services to mwananchi. Forthcoming elections should be different where Kenyans can put right leaders into leadership and avoid recycling those who have brought our economy to its knees,” said Mwaure.

According to The Agano party presidential candidate Kenya looses close to Ksh. 240 trillion since independence.He also reproved his opponents and termed them unable to provide better services to Kenyans yet they were in power.

“It’s a shame for a country which got independence in 1963, is still fighting with poverty, unemployment, and lack of quality health care. This is the time for Kenyans to vote in leaders who are not going to amass wealth but serve every Kenyan in the right manner,” he claimed.

Mwaure and his team will be extending his campaigns in counties within the central region for the next two days.

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