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CS Kindiki “Shakahola Cult Fight Is Not A Religious Battle”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The Shakahola cult massacre, an incident that still leaves many in question when brought up because of what happened.

The Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has warned that the governments efforts to investigate the Shakahola massacre should not be misinterpreted as a fight against any religion.

He announced this saying that the Good News International Church, whose leader is Paul Mackenzie, is an illegal denomination that has been forcing people to fast and kill others who deny it.

“We as the government we don’t have a problem with any religion and we are not fighting the church at all we are also serious Christians ourselves but we will continue to correct a few churches and pastors who use the bible wrongly to intimidate and exploit Kenyans ,” The CS said.

He also said that the constitution has given freedom of worship and the government will not allow politicians to incite Christians and fuel unnecessary conflict.

“This time we are not going to sympathize or fear anybody so am warning those making careless remarks and noise politicking a criminal act that we are coming  for you irrespective of your political class or status,” he stated.

Raila Odinga

His statement comes days after Raila Odinga was denied entry at the Shakahola Forest.

He was accompanied by other leaders including Governor Gideon Murango, Women Rep Gertrude Mbaya and other MPs from the region.


Raila later visited Pastor Ezekiel Odero who was arrested in question for the mass killing at Shakahola Forest.

He stated that the government will ruthlessly deal with any criminals involved in the killings regardless of their association and influence.

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