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African Countries Challenged on Teen Marriages and FGM

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

FGM a vice that has caused anguish in the country as many young girls experience it, percevied as rite of passage in some communities, the young girls having no say as some are forced to undergo it.

The Reproductive Health Network now want all African counties to implement a rule that calls for the elimination of retrogressive practices such as early child marriages and FGM.

The stakeholders in the health field have accused many African governments of failing to implement the Adolescents and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Services(AYSRHR) commitments.

The stakeholders revealed that some countries, which had even signed Key commitments have slid back on the rule.

Lack Of Knowledge

Speaking after a conference in Nairobi, the stakeholders blamed the slow implementation of AYSRHR commitments to weak governance structures and failed coordination.

They further singled out limited institutional capacities ,inadequate coordination among government departments and inconsistencies I policies, laws and regulations related to AYSRHR as major barriers.

“Some existing laws and policies are outdated, lack clarity, or are in conflict with international standards. Making it challenging to implement deep rooted harmful socio-cultural norms, attitudes, and taboos around sexuality, gender, and reproductive health impedes the localization of AYSRHR commitments,” the the participants said in a statement.

They further cited limited knowledge and understanding off sexual and reproductive health issues among adolescents, youth, parents and educators as a limitation to the adoption of healthy behaviors ,informed decision making and utilization of available services.

The contributors called for universal access to sexual education , reproductive healthcare services and contraception.

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