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A DCI statement outlined how Gachagua obtained huge sums of money

Post by : Sue Njihia

A DCI statement outlined how Gachagua obtained huge sums of money from Goverment tenders.

The legistator formed 10 companies were formed through youth groups which found a way of obtaining tenders.The companies were maintained by Gachagua through other agencies.
“Using proxies who had registered over 20 companies, Rigathi obtained over Ksh1.7 Billion from close to 10 government ministries, state departments, parastatals and county governments.

A associate of the legislator had received over 200 million  one of the proxies had received over Ksh254 million which they could not account for.

“After the tenders were paid to the proxies’ accounts one of the proxies would immediately transfer the money to other accounts belonging to the MP, who would then deposit the monies in other accounts to avoid detection,”  the statement added.

In his defence Gachagua claims that the money in qeustion is as  a result of his business , as he renders services to state agencies.

“The judgment today in my case against the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) did not come as a surprise to me and my lawyers. The Judge was biased against us from the word go and threw caution to the wind by conducting a sham trial. Against the rules of evidence, she refused our application to cross-examine the Investigator in order to test the veracity of his allegations,” Gachagua responded.


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