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Woman Stabs Her 2-Year old Baby To Death, Feeds On Body Parts

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Detectives based in Kitengela, arrested a 27 year old woman, who stabbed her two year-old daughter to death and later ate her remains.

The woman, Olivia Naseren is alleged to have killed her child, Glory Njeri, after she separated from the child’s father.

A police report stated that the woman cut her baby into pieces before feeding on the intestines and kidney, an incident that left the locals shocked.

Olivia had locked herself in her house playing with the baby, when she suddenly became violent and started breaking household items.

The noise attracted her neighbors who were in disbelief as they watched her attack her daughter with a knife more than 100 times, as they could not access the room to rescue the child.


Police managed to break into the house and found the woman unconscious.

“Juvenile aged two years old was sliced by the mother into pieces, and she later fed on her intestines the suspect was found at the scene unconscious and escorted to the Kitengela Sub-county Hospital for treatment,” the police report read.

“Neighbors were attracted by noise from her house and they rushed into her room where they found she had locked herself inside alongside the minor. She began by breaking her TV set before she picked her baby whom she stabbed more than 100times as neighbors watched in disbelief. She later dismembered her body and begun eating the deceased’s body parts.”

The woman was rushed to the hospital for treatment pending further investigations.

“Upon arrival at the hospital, the woman was treated and forced to vomit the alleged body parts which are now part of the evidence,” police added.

The deceased’s body was taken to Kitengela Sub-county Hospital morgue awaiting investigations.

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