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Woman Keeps 400 cats , Spends Over 250K Monthly.

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Furry animals are bestfriends to all, even though their all cute their come with huge responsibilities to anyone having one, one is a lot of work but wat about having 400 feline animals to keep?

A Nairobi woman, Rachael Kibue has steeped out to offer 400 cats shelter that would have been hopeless , left to roam the dangerous streets of Nairobi.

Kibue’s love for the animals can be  seen , as she left her 4 bedroom house for them and went to live in a smaller house within the same compound.

“We rescue alot of kittens that are left without a mother,’ said Kibue.

Kibue founded the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary , which is home to cats boasting some of the best sleeping and maternity quarters.

Rachael, has a name for each cat but never forgets or confuses them.

According to Kibue , cats have similar mannerism to human beings . One of them has a unique way of responding when called, some are greedy others like visitors.

Rachael Kibui keeps 400 cats spends sh250,000 per month. Photo Courtesy
Maternity quarters

In the sanctuary, there is also a maternity wing for the queen cats at the compound to aid in reproduction. a cat can give birth to 48 kittens in a year. Hence the need to control the population at the sanctuary.

Population can be controlled through spaying the female cats or neutering the male cats.

Feeding the cats the also presents as a challenge despite the donations brought to the Centre on a regular basis.

“We get some food donated but not enough to make a big difference. Per week they eat 50kg of cabrio and 70kg of minced meat,” she said speaking on K.B.C.

“In a month, I spend ksh250,000-ksh280,000.” she added.

Moving to Canada

Kabue is now set to leave for Canada where low-income facilities are taking in the cats rescued from outside.

She has also created employment opportunities for the youth.

Even though she has been branded names by people who do not know what their doing she still care for her feline friends.

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