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Win for ODM as Nomination Dates Extended.

Post by : Robert Kamau

Orange Democratic movement(ODM) is one of the biggest political  parties in Kenya.  It was formed after the aftermath of the 2005 referendum that sought  to change the constitution.

The  ODM party has experienced exponential  growth over the past 15 years. This growth  however comes with its own share of problems. the party has been marred with irregularities and cases of nepotism during its Nominations.

This problems is attributed to favour-ism, nepotism and general corruption by some of the senior party officials. Nomination certificates are awarded to members who appease senior party officials.


In the Kenyan political scene, political parties are popular mainly among various regions of the country. In regards to this factor it is the believe of most politicians that once they win the nominations, it is a guarantee that  they will win the general elections.

The ODM party leader Raila Amollo odinga. the ODM party has sought out a way of stoping members from vying as  independents if they lose in the party's nominations.

This believe has made the political party nominations a very important event in an election cycle. With this in mind the ODM party has fallen prey to the desire of corruption. Members who lose in nominations tend to move other parties or vie as independents. the ODM party has in the past lost elections to members who lost in the party’s nomination primaries. This is a problem that the top leadership decided to get rid off in the next general election.


The ODM party has written to the IEBC seeking an extension of the nomination period which had been capped at 22nd of April 2022. In their response to the party the IEBC has extended the nomination period to 26th may 2022. with this extension of the dates the ODM party seeks to barred its members who lose in the nominations to vie as independents.

The law requires that for one to vie as an independent the must have have resigned from their political party at least 3 months before the election.

With the general election slated for august 9 2022, it seems as if most candidates will lose in the process if ODM decides to hold its primaries any date after 10th of may 2022.

If the party is able to stop its loser from vying as independents then it might just be able gain the region it losses to independents.


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