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Willy Pozee in trouble after eyeing Alfred Mutua’s Crush Liz Jackson

Post by : Leah Achieng

Artiste Willy Pozee has been spotted getting cozy with social media sensation Liz Jackson.
Artiste Willy Pozee has been spotted getting cozy with social media sensation Liz Jackson.Willy Pozee has a track record of having a lot of women and even taking advantage of them, his nickname ‘mkunaji’ tells it all. Sharing to his socials, Poze flaunted photos with Liz having what looked like a good time.
Liz came into the limelight after a video of her with foreign affairs minister Alfred Mutua was spotted exchanging contacts. The lass is a digital strategist and SPM Buzz host.
Willy Pozee has been single for a while; he has been rumored to be dating Jovial even though the singer came out to defend their relationship saying that it was purely business.
His fans have gone frenzy after seeing Liz, they can remember Liz from Alfred Mutua’s video and have advised staying away as she is taken already.
randieworldwide: Hadi mali ya foreign affairs😂😂😂
wafulaalvinwaingo: Unawachange kama toja😂😂😂
young.mullah.940: chocheni kadem katarudi kaseme kalipewa cha lazima ni mkunaji🔥🔥😂😂😂😂nuff respect
hon.ezrabundiobongo: Nayo hii imeenda na last month alisema wewe ndio crushie aki hii imeenda!!!
Exposed for Sexual Harassment 
Last year Willy was exposed for hitting on a content creator’s girlfriend, he went over to meet her after talking for several days on Instagram.The Youtuber by the name Phillip Majunkie exposed Willy Poze to Nairobi Gossip and shared a video of Pozee planning a meeting with her girlfriend and screenshots of his DMs to the lady Retty Rozzy.
In the video Pozee was heard asking for directions about where the lady resided, he asked her to pin her live location. At some point, Willy Paul got mad at the lady’s hesitation to give her location and asked the lady how old she is since she was behaving like a kid.
Mbona unanieka kwa loudspeaker, uko na miaka ngapi boss, nipinnie live location.” Willy paul was heard saying.
Willy Paul was busted and from the chats, he was into the lady. Many commented saying that he was more like him while others blamed the lady for entertaining him. This was not the first time the singer had been exposed for hitting random girls on social media and harassing them.
Diana Marua had accused Poze of harassing her, the incident caused a stir online that even saw Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife comment saying that she had seen Diana that day, the musician noted that, in her opinion, Diana did not seem to be in distress while inside the vehicle and instead seemed to be enjoying herself.
She went on to note that her account is only from that moment, as the two (Diana and Pozee) drove off together and she can’t account for what happened after they left their presence and thus couldn’t comment on that part.

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