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What you need to know about monkey pox virus

Post by : Sue Njihia


Monkey Pox is an infectious viral disease that occur in human and some other animals .Symptoms include fever ,swollen lymph nodes and a rash that forms blisters and then crest over.

According to MD,director of Global Health for North well Health in New York ,monkey pox originated from a traveller to Europe ,and has been circulating in a community of men who have sex with men at raves or parties .It is   contagious with close contact.

The rash usually starts on the face or oral cavity and progresses through synchronised stages with concentration on the face and extremities. The infection has been mild with no reported deaths to date.

The virus is transmitted by close physical contact with an individual who is infected through skin-to-skin contact, from individuals with active skin lesions, although respiratory droplets or oral fluids are potential sources of spread.

‘’Monkey pox has taken us by surprise it was formerly only noted to be transmitted among close family contacts or from animals to humans however the current outbreak is spreading via transmission predominantly among (men who have sex with men) MSM Through close sexual contact. “said MD, Division chief of infectious diseases Santa Clara Medical Center,Supriya Narasimhan.

Currently the treatment of monkey pox is an investigational new drug called tecovirimat or TPOXX.It is currently listed as an IND (investigation new drug) obtaining and prescribing it is a great deal of trouble.

May 25, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo

“Good hygiene is important in preventing spread of diseases. Avoiding crowded settings such as raves or parties in enclosed areas where there is minimal clothing and direct personal, often skin to skin contact with others is recommended. Mask wearing will also help minimise the spread of the disease.

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