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We are UDA’s main Competitors in Mount Kenya: Kuria Declares

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Moses kuria who has a party that is competing with UDA in the mount Kenya Region.

Gatundu south Member of parliament has  declared that his party Chama cha Kazi will be UDA’s  main competitor in the Mount Kenya Region. Kuria’s Statement Comes at a time when his party candidate in the kiagu ward by election came second after UDA’s candidate.

UDA clinched the Kiagu ward seat in a by election that pitted the hustler party against the ruling party jubilee. jubilee’s candidate came in a far third a move that Kuria has attributed as to lack of leadership in the ruling party.

Jubilee which was popular in the region of Mount Kenya has seen its popularity decline over the years with most leaders attributing this fall to the handshake pact between president Uhuru and Raila Odinga.

The Region

There are very many parties that are cropping up in the mount Kenya Region  but this doesn’t seem to deter Kuria who has indicated that come august 2022 most political seats in the region will be divided in half between UDA and Chama cha Kazi.

Some of the parties that have cropped up in the region include  The  Service Party (TSP), Usawa na Haki, Devolution Party of Kenya, Ubuntu Peoples Forum,Tujibebe Party among others. The region has other older parties the likes of Narc Kenya, Democratic Party etc.


New Political  Parties

Some of this new parties have been formed by Governor’s in the region who are seeking reelection or politicians who are eyeing a seat in next government.

Moses kuria who has a party that is competing with UDA in the mount Kenya Region.
Deputy President William Ruto and Chama cha Kazi Party Leader Moses Kuria, During a past function.

Most civil servants who are eyeing political positions have until February 2022 to resign. Most of the cabinet secretaries, chair of parastatals, principal secretaries and even some parastatal CEO’s are expected to exit Government as they seek elected mandate.

There is an expected mass exodus from the government as most leaders and senior public officers  seek to align themselves to form the next government a move Kuria terms as important in determining the popularity of a party in any  region.


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