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Wajackoyah Sets conditions on attending Presidential Debate

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah, has set a raft of conditions that he wants addressed. The outspoken presidential candidate was speaking during an interview with a local TV station. The presidential Candidate indicated that for him to be able to attend the set debate he needed a few assurances.

The presidential Debate set for July 26 2022, is organised by the Kenyan media in guidance with their association. This debate is part of the roles given to the 4th estate in the new constitution as part of media freedom and rights.

According to Wajackoyah, There is a systematic plan to sideline him and the Agano party leader David Mwaure. The outspoken politician indicated that both the two contenders are being scheduled from the main podium.

Wajackoyah is demanding that he must be included in the main podium with , front line contenders William Ruto (UDA) and Raila Odinga (Azimio). According to the law professor the organisers of the event want to put Wajackoyah together with Mwaure and Raila together with Ruto.

Roots party presidential Candidate Bhang Manifesto
Photo//Roots party presidential Candidate. The candidate has  listed down  conditions he wants met before he attends the Presidential Debate set for the 26th of July 2022 at the Catholic University of East Africa. 

The presidential Debate forms a very integral part of the Kenyan Campaign season as it is where the candidates speak directly to their followers and they are also able to answer questions. A local TV station has been conducting town hall meetings. However, the meetings are only available to one candidate at a time. The candidate is able to respond to questions asked directly by the public.

Wajackoyah’s bhang manifesto prompts Matiangi’s reaction

However the debate will offer the candidates the chance to attack their competitors manifesto with an immediate response expected.


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