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Post by : Robert Kamau

Impeached Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has declared that he is coming back to seek his old job. Waititu declared that he will be seeking reelection using the UDA party ticket. he will likely face off with Thika Town MP Patrick Wainana “jungle” who has also declared his interest in the seat.

Both Wainana and Waititu have defected to Ruto’s UDA barely three weeks ago and its seems that they will be the only contenders for the party’s nomination.

In a daring move Waititu said that it is the people of Kiambu who will elect their next governor and not a group of individuals. the former governor is famous for saying that he doesn’t fear anyone.

Waititu is facing a mired of corruption charges with the DPP pressing to add more charges to Waititu’s case.

Baba yao was impeached last year by the Kiambu county assembly over abuse of office charges. the impeachment was held up by the Senate who sent Waititu packing and his deputuy taking over the County.

Nyoro who took over from has also been accused of being incompetent by various political leaders in the county. he is also seeking reelection but it seems he wants to battle it out with senator Kimani Wamatangi who has also declared interest i n the county’s top job. both the Governor and the senator have not ditched the jubilee party and it is still unclear whether they will do so.


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