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Vote of confidence for Nairobi as BOLT opens Regional Offices

Post by : Ann Njambuya

NTSA has blocked Taxi- Hailing app, Bolt efforts to renew its license.

Nairobi is once again getting a vote of confidence from the international market as major  companies open up their regional headquarters in the city. The Capital  city of Kenya has been enjoying a positive response from the international Major players across the broad Global Economic spectrum.

Taxi- hailing App, Bolt has been the latest tech company to join the pack by launching their regional offices in the city. Bolt regional offices will be located along Riverside Drive and will play host to their top regional managers and executives. So far Bolt has operations in over seven countries in Africa namely, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Ghana,Uganda and Tanzania.

The taxi app didn’t have regional offices in the continent but instead operated offices with their local subsidiaries. This new office launch signifies the importance of the African continent to the world.

Africa as a continent is expected to exceed the rest of the world in spending power by the year 2035. Most countries in the continent are working tirelessly in achieving Middle income country status by the end of the decade.

Taxi- Hailing app, Bolt  has opened the regional offices in Nairobi Kenya. This is a vote of Confidence  for the city.
Photo//Taxi- Hailing app, Bolt has opened the regional offices in Nairobi Kenya.

Middle income Country.

Kenya has not been left behind in the push to become a high middle income class country by the end of this decade. This move has seen the implementation of the vision 2030 flagship projects. Such projects include the expansion of the Mombasa port. The construction of the Lamu Port. Expansion of the JKIA international Airport to receive more passengers.

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In a bid to attract more foreign investment into the country the government has been spending more money in making Nairobi a shining star. This has lead to the construction of numerous Bypasses that seek to reduce traffic Jams in the City. This investments seem to be paying off .Numerous global tech companies and other major players declare their interest in making Nairobi and Kenya at large their regional Headquarters.



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