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Vampire Scare!!! Man calls out for his mum

Post by : Leah Achieng

A man faced the biggest scare of his life today after being pranked by the comrade-Triplets.

A man faced the biggest scare of his life today after being pranked by the comrade Triplets. The comrade triplets have created a name for themselves in the content creation industry. The content creators are popular pranksters in the country. on of their main pranks involves pranking people to believe that they are Vampires.

Mary Njenga, one of the triplets who has made a name for herself as a prankster, pulled off the stunt, which had many Kenyans reeling with laughter. The footage posted online on Monday, November 7, showed her approving a man in a bushy area. She complimented his looks before asking him to follow her.

“Unakaa poa. Kwani unaniogopa (Looking good. Are you afraid of me)? She asked, seeing the man was hesitant to get closer to her. Mary then asked for his blood before pulling down her face mask to show the vampire-like teeth that had sent many unsuspecting Kenyans running in terror. “Si tuende hivi. Utanipea damu yako (Follow me. Will you give me your blood)?” After hearing the unusual request, the man started moving away from her but took off at full speed on seeing the dentures.

The man screamed in terror while calling out to his mother. “Wee! Mum! Mayo!” he screamed while disappearing into the bushes.

Many Kenyans found the footage quite amusing and reacted by writing:

king_jeff_junior254: “He literally called his mother. Men, where did we go wrong?”

Ekebe Mimics Official: “Kenya we have so many marathon runners.”

R.K.A Bro: “People’s dads crying like nursery kids.”“He is screaming while dressed like a soldier.”

HUB: “If only one twin could stand at the rear end where they are running off to and make the prank more hilarious.”

Ken: “That man has made my ribs hurt from laughter. The roaring is of a person fighting for his life with all his might.”

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