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United for Kiambu Team role in Waititu’s troubles

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Members of the united for Kiambu team in a meeting

During the campaign period in the year 2017, the Kiambu gubernatorial race was a tight one with over 6 big wigs declaring their intention. However after a short stint “united for Kiambu”5 of this candidates decided that it was time to join hands in order to unseat the former governor William Kabogo.

The five were dubbed ” united for Kiambu” included the following Ferdinand Waititu, James Nyoro, John Mugwe, David Kariuki Ngare alias Gakuyo  and Aquiline Njoki. The United for Kiambu team choose Waititu to be their group leader since he had the most political capital having being elected in previous positions.


Nyoro was seconded to be his deputy and the rest would get Appointment’s in the county once they formed the next government.After a landslide win for the United for Kiambu team, Waititu decided to renege on the deal they had. he left Gakuyo without an office, Mugwe was sacked and Nyoro was sidelined in his own government.

With this betrayal the members of the team felt that it was unfair for Waititu to sideline them and work on his own after they guaranteed his success. After only about 1 and 1/2 years in office Waititu troubles started when the DCI and the EACC started paying him regular visits in a bid to ascertain whether there was misappropriation of funds in his government.

Governor Nyoro during a past function. He was a member of the United For Kiambu Team that won the gubernatorial elections in 2017
James Nyoro Governor for Kiambu during a past function

Few Visits

It is believed that only after a few visits from this acronym agencies  a motion was tabled in the county assembly for the impeachment of the embattled governor. Tales are told of how the hand of his former allies in the UFK was felt as they tried to influence the vote in the favour of Nyoro who was poised to take over after Waititu.

After a brief session Waititu was impeached and the senate ratified the decision of the County assembly to send the outspoken and controversial governor packing. Nyoro was sworn in on January 2020 and the united for Kiambu Team was awarded with prominent position as they had earlier agreed, Both Mugwe and Gakuyo were appointed as advisers to the governor and Njoki was appointed to the board.

It seems that after his impeachment, his former allies were the ones who gained most living room for speculation whether they had a hand i his impeachment, however every thing in political arena in Kenya is just pure Speculative.


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