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Uninspected Meat From A Sick Cow Lands 17 Victims In Hospital

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

At Kipkelion East Sub-county, 17 people from the nearby village Songolit, are undergoing treatment at Londiani Sub-County Hospital after eating an uninspected meat.

The location Chief Bernard Rono said the victims , comprised of nine adults and eight children ate the meat on Sunday and started developing headaches, stomachaches, diarrhea, and vomiting on Tuesday and were rushed to the hospital.

He said that a man from the village, slaughtered his sickly cow on Sunday and sold the meat cheaply to the unsuspecting villagers.

The chief has said that he was on ground with the public health officers, looking for other people who might have consumed the meat but neve sought treatment.

The seller of the meat, went into hiding and is being sought by police. Rono warned the villagers against eating uninspected meat.

“Do not risk your lives because of poverty. It is dangerous to consume uninspected meat,”Rono advised.

The victims in the hospital are in stable condition and responding well to treatment.

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