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Uganda: Six Men Detained Over Viral Sex Video

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A Ugandan court in Jinja City has denied bail to six men, accused of engaging in sex that was captured on video.

The 17-second video went viral on Social media.

The court said that the men aged between 20 and 26 should be detained for their own safety on grounds that they will not be safe in the society.

The six men ere charged with indecency. Their case will be heard on May 10.

“It is our mandate as the court to protect the accused persons. Releasing them to a biased society cannot guarantee their safety, so prison is their safe place, the judge ruled.

The prosecution team said that the men are part of a network that is grooming young boys into acts of sodomy and recruiting male adults into gayism.

They further claim that the men were arrested while recording pornographic and sex videos which the usually share with other parties for money.

The court on April 4, charged a senior and her alleged lesbian partner with indecency and procuring indecency. They will be held until April 20.

Uganda, the country that passed on a law that, the LGBTQ Community be prosecuted , facing a possibility of life in prison or face the  death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality.”

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