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UDA Divisions as Ngirici goes silent amid Waiguru Move

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Ngirici who has been silen after Waiguru moved to UDA. She is a fierce critic of the kirinyaga governor ann waiguru.

Purity Wangui Ngirici is an outspoken Member of Parliament for Kirinyaga county. she is a strong and loyal UDA and Hustler supporter and a fierce rival of Governor Ann Waiguru.

Ngirici was among the first members of parliament who supported the deputy president and opposed the infamous handshake and BBI. With such strong stands Ngirici was part of the team that propelled UDA to the current political favour it enjoys mainly in Mount Kenya.

Fierce and Vocal

While in the hustler movement , the outspoken women rep has been very vocal about the issues that affect the people of Kirinyaga. She has been a very fierce critic of Governor Waiguru who was no long ago supporting the handshake, this provided Wangui with the right theme to criticise and oppose the governor.

However this stand has since changed after the controversial Kirinyaga Governor joined the UDA party and hence became part of the hustler movement. This move has caused jitters in the UDA party. Ngirici  has missed some of the critical meetings held in the Mount Kenya Region by the Deputy President.

Political Move

The Women Representative has said that she is considering her political move after Waiguru joined UDA. While addressing her followers and fans in Facebook Ngirici indicated that politics is like a game of chess and not football.While playing chess one needs to think critically and tactically after your opponent makes a move and not like football where you react immediately.

Ngirici who has been silen after Waiguru moved to UDA. She is a fierce  critic of the kirinyaga governor ann waiguru.
                                             Wangui Ngirici

Ngirici who is renowned as deep pocketed seems to have been sacred Waiguru’s move to UDA, with some commentators indicating that the women rep fears that Ruto might favour Waiguru in the gubernatorial seat.

As Waiguru had indicated prior to joining UDA is that for one to succeed politically in Mount Kenya in the next General elections they need to be in UDA.

It is not clear whether the women Rep will move out of UDA but her followers believe that she has a chance as the next Governor of Kirinyaga.


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