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‘Twitter Can No Longer Protect You From Online Trolls’ Claims Report

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Online Trolls are people who post aggressive, hateful messages that hurt people for their own pleasures.

In the last few months, since Elon Must took over as Twitters’ CEO, hate speech on the social media platform is up and its getting more intense,

In the latest update, a few insiders claimed that the company is no longer able ‘to protect users from trolling state-coordinated disinformation and child sexual exploitation.’

Photo// Elon Musk CEO Twitter. Photo Courtesy

Citing testimonies from twitter users, BBC reported that hate is thriving under Musk’s leadership. It is said that trolls encouraged, harassments and Twitter saw a spike in accounts following misogynistic and abusive profiles.

In addition, current and former twitter employees claim that the features that are intended to protect twitter users from trolling are difficult to maintain because of the “chaotic working environment.’

Employees Laid off

BBC reports citing Lisa Jennings Young, former head of content design, said that all employees on her team, who created safety measures such as a stop button were laid off by Elon Musk.

The company has less than 2,000 employees from more than 7,500 just a few months ago.


Photo// Lisa Jennings Young former Head of Content Design. Photo Courtesy

To give her point of view to her claims, she mentioned an internal research claiming that those safety  measures reduced trolling by 60. Furthermore an engineer working for the company said ‘nobody’s taking care” of this type of work. the engineer said the company seems fine  from the outside, but inside is ‘on fire.’

BBC report also mentioned that child sexual exploitation  is on the rise on twitter, and not being sufficiently raised with law enforcement.” It also said that targeted harassments campaigns aimed at stopping freedom of expression are going ‘unnoticed’ and rape survivors have been targeted by accounts that became more active since musk took over.

The company rolled out a new speech policy last week that aims to tackle hate speech. It claimed that it now has a zero tolerance policy towards violent speech in order to ensure the safety of its users.

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